Clifton (Cliff) Martin

Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO)

I’m a dynamic and entrepreneurial sales leader with over 20 years of proven success in driving revenue growth and optimizing sales team performance across various industries. With a strong track record in building new business, securing customer loyalty, and fostering cross-departmental collaboration, I excel in highly competitive markets and consistently exceed sales targets.

As the Vice President of Sales at Quadranet Enterprises, I oversaw all sales processes and operations, managed the sales team, and consistently led the company in sales as an individual contributor. I implemented the company's first CRM, resulting in a 110% increase in lead flow, a 60% rise in qualified opportunities, and a 40% boost in new closed sales. My leadership extends globally, having managed sales teams and operations in multiple international locations during my tenure as Director of Sales at PhoenixNAP, where my teams consistently surpassed revenue expectations.

I’m a seasoned sales leader renowned for my exceptional ability to build and transform sales teams. With a career spanning over two decades, I’ve consistently demonstrated my prowess in taking over underperforming teams and turning them into top performers. My tenure at organizations like Quadranet, Anthem College, and the University of Phoenix is marked by significant turnarounds, where I led teams to exceed targets and set new performance benchmarks. I excel at motivating teams through clear communication, goal setting, and fostering a culture of accountability and excellence. My deep understanding of sales dynamics and my unwavering commitment to team success make me an invaluable asset to AspireSix and their mission and vision.

As the co-owner of a successful and growing CrossFit gym, I enjoy putting my experience and skill sets into play to help the gym exceed growth and revenue goals.

I’m passionate about leveraging my extensive experience to drive growth, inspire sales teams, and develop innovative strategies that meet and exceed business objectives, and I'm looking forward to doing this for your business as your next fractional CSO.

Areas of Expertise

  • Sales Process

  • Leadership and Team Management

  • Motivating Teams

  • Coaching and Training

  • Pipeline Management

  • Relationship Building with Clients and Partners

  • Goal Setting

  • CRM Functions and Best Practices

  • Hiring Good Sales Reps

  • Sales Compensation Plans